For 27 years, BigBrother has set the standard in camera security for petrol stations, retail companies and logistics centres. The continuous pursuit of data-driven innovation has led to a wide range of solutions. These are now brought together in one complete platform for security technology: Watch-it. The existing PumpWatch system will be absorbed into the new platform.

By proving services through a platform rather than a local system, data and insights become available anytime and anywhere to the team on site, the headquarters and other stakeholders. It goes without saying that these data are being secured and protected. The platform architecture also allows new features to be implemented more quickly.

Turn challenges into opportunities

The energy transition makes the mobility market increasingly complex. New fuels also involve new risks. Processes become more complicated and transactions more diverse, the filling area expands and the risk of vandalism increases. Customers want more convenience, speed, safety and availability, while the market suffers from labour shortages. In order to respond to these challenges, specific knowledge is required. Watch-it offers entrepreneurs the knowledge they need by adding intelligence to the large amount of data the system generates and interprets.

More insight and improved customer experience

The system’s greatest added value is the association of camera images with data from cash register transactions, technical reports, access control and more. This offers many more possibilities than preventing theft, fraud or unsafe situations. First of all, Watch-it gives insight into the shop’s traffic and transactions, enabling the entrepreneur to improve security, returns and customer experience. Furthermore, Watch-it provides insight into customer behaviour: what does the customer want and what does he think? Also, more can be done with less staff, because manual operations are automated. In short, Watch-it offers entrepreneurs countless tools to get a better grip on their business and prepare for the future.

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With its new security platform Watch-it, BigBrother responds to the complexity of the mobility market

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