Prepare to meet the highest customer demands with fewer people

A pleasant experience in physical shops, great convenience online: your customer wants both served on a silver platter.

The tight labour market and the need for further integration of offline and online resources: those are your challenges in the coming years. Order kiosks in shops, pick-up points and drive-throughs can answer the customer's need for speed and convenience. In addition, the customer expects a special experience, hospitality and personalised offers. Watch-it helps you to achieve this with fewer staff by taking over administrative and control tasks and giving insight into customer preferences.


The world's smartest Security Technology Platform

A pleasure to work with.

What exactly happens at your location? You want to know, understand and improve all that. We offer you this possibility by linking all camera images to transaction data, customer data, number plates, technical alerts and alarms. The result: valuable insights to improve your performance.

Smart search filters

Using special filters, you can quickly find abnormal behaviour. This way, you can immediately focus on suspicious actions.

An eye on the cash register

Under ‘Receipt’, you can see whether your employee acts according to the payment and customer benefits procedures.


All information securely accessible anywhere

Secure image sharing

The SecureVideo-link lets you quickly and securely share camera footage with colleagues.

Live video channels

View live recordings and previously recorded footage directly from your mobile device.

Immediately up to date

Receive push notifications about events you find important.

View of every detail and the whole

More information

All information available in one overview.

Useful search filters

Using special filters, you can quickly find abnormal behaviour. This way, you can immediately focus on suspicious actions.

Easily manageable

Get insight into the state of your entire network at a glance.

Time gain

Do more with fewer staff

Delivering images and data is not that difficult. But what you want, is an interface that helps you quickly and intuitively extract the answer to your question from this information.


Nothing escapes your attention anymore.

Watch-it adds intelligence to camera images and data. This gives you the information you need!

“How does my staff react in case of theft? I want to know, so I can train them better for that.”
“You automatically want to receive the right image of an empty display, a suspicious customer or clutter on the shop floor.”
“At the touch of a button, I can provide evidence so that theft can be dealt with efficiently.”


A grip on all processes and new transitions.

Watch-it shows you everything that happens in front of and behind the scenes. You can monitor and retrieve all transactions, manage your inventory and even improve customer experience.

“I immediately see whether our products and actions are correctly presented to the customer.”
“Returns, discounts and an open cash drawer without transaction are high-risk events that are automatically monitored.”
“I gain insight into the kind of mistakes our cashiers make and can retrain them in these.”


Increase your customer satisfaction.

With Watch-it, you spend less time on monitoring and administration. Time you can invest in customer focus and hospitality.

“My staff are less concerned with control and administration, and more with the customers. That makes them both happier.”
“You immediately see if you need to open more tills, which means my customers never queue up.”
“Before my staff were fixated on security. Now they look at what they can do for the customer.”


Over 6,000 sites run on Watch-it

“For us, Watch-it is the stepping-stone to the next level in customer experience.”

Koen van der Knaap - Owner Shell van der Knaap

"Watch-it provides more convenience for my customers and myself and expands my customer database."

Rosan Kreijne - Manager of Kreijne Ltd

"The only way to improve your service, is by making it more personal. Watch-it helps with that”

Steven Van Belleghem - Keynote speaker and author


Insight into every situation on your site

BigBrother, an innovation company

We help companies in the mobility market in the transition
of their business towards the customer needs of the future.

Is your location ready for the future?

We are here to help you! We will gladly demonstrate Watch-it so that you can see with your own eyes how many practical, everyday things can be done so much safer, more efficiently and more customer-friendly.