The transition to new fuels is a hot-button issue for everyone. The media are full of messages about electric cars, diesel cars being banned from the cities, driving on hydrogen, sailing on LNG, and flying on biofuel. Mobility is an important issue for everyone and the shifts towards alternative fuels are, of course, being followed by everyone. Offering new fuels does, however, require a new perspective on safety at a station. New, stringent safety requirements are demanded when alternative fuels appear on the scene.

For example, the process of LNG for trucks requires a different approach. The ‘refuelling customer’ must have had instructions on how to handle the ‘refuelling’ and know what to do in case of incidents. In addition, the tank installation must be clearly visible by means of camera surveillance and this area must only be accessible by authorised personnel. Therefore, good camera surveillance and access control are must-haves at every location that offers these fuels.

PumpWatch ensures that you can manage all technical alarms that must be present at an LNG station. This creates direct insight by linking images to a technical alarm. An additional advantage is that the customer can be recognised by means of license plate recognition. With the Ease2Pay app and BigBrother registration, you can automate the security processes and you know that the driver has been instructed properly, due to double confirmation of license plate recognition and the use of your own mobile phone. PumpWatch ensures that all safety measures can be taken in one integrated, easily manageable system.

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