Quickly trace deviating transactions and see the right camera images. Know exactly which pump someone used. Gain insight into your customers’ sales behaviour, so that you can make them a personalised offer. Rik van der Meij continues to discover new applications for PumpWatch, BigBrother’s digital camera surveillance system. “The system makes the less fun jobs easier.”

More than just a camera surveillance system

All 8 Total stations in Jongeneel have been equipped with PumpWatch since 2012. “At the time, we opted for this system because of the additional applications, such as for drivers who fill and run or deferred payments. And also as a service to the customer, among other things, through the possibility of retrieving a transaction.”

It used to be double work

“Before 2012, we had a few cameras and a simple recorder. If you wanted to check an anomalous transaction, you had to look it up manually in a Fuel POS printout and then find the right camera images. So, we were doing twice the work. And then it was always hoping that the clock on the images would be synchronized with the transaction times.”

Now retrieval is fast

This is much easier with the Shop module. “All deviating transactions can be found quickly. For example, I can check the daily statement twice a week and see the voids, corrected payments, and returned items, plus the corresponding camera images, at the press of a button. So, it makes jobs that aren’t as fun easier to do. And it saves me a lot of time. A first check might take me 10 minutes. If I want to investigate more deeply, then it takes a little longer.”

Insights into the cash register

The insights at the transaction level gives Rik insights into the cash register. “Cash register differences are caused by voids 9 times out of 10. So you can trace them very quickly with the Shop Module. We have so many employees – more than 50 – and so many transactions take place at our stations. Control is a must because there’s a serious amount of money involved.”

Fraud or bad cash register habits

It could be fraud. The Shop Module offers the possibility to immediately check a suspicious transaction and that gives you peace of mind. Rik explains, “And if it’s fraud, you can build up a reliable file. But there doesn’t have to be deliberately intentional; it could also be down to bad cash register habits. You can then enter into a targeted conversation with the employee, possibly including the images.”

Pump number 3?

One application that Jongeneel has been using since the very beginning is PumpCheck. This will tell you if the person paying is the same one who filled the tank. This is done to avoid mistakes in the payment process. But we also use it as a service. I estimate that about 7 out of 10 people forget which pump they refuelled at by the time they get to the cash register. This slows us down and it can be quite embarrassing for some customers. That’s when it’s nice to be able to ask, ‘you filled up at pump 3?’.”

Cash register away from the window?

PumpCheck also expands the overview of your pump island. It thus offers opportunities for a different shop design, for example, with the cash register in the bakery. Rik explains, “We’re still a bit old-fashioned and like to have the cash register by the window. Mainly because of the bond it creates with the customers, since you can make eye contact with them. But it’s a definite possibility.”

Preventing fill-and-run drivers

Jongeneel also has AutoAlert from the beginning. This module links the license plate to the RDW data and is aimed at fill-and-run drivers. “As soon as someone picks up the nozzle, you’ll see the RDW data on your cash register screen: make, model, colour, etc. For example, you will immediately know whether it’s a stolen car or whether a license plate is on the fill-and-run driver blacklist.”

A safe and peaceful feeling

If the police do charge the fill-and-run driver afterwards, they will avoid your station from that point on. Rik explains, “I don’t know what we’re saving with this. We’ve been using AutoAlert since the beginning, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. But I don’t really think it’s the most important thing either. Our main concern is to ensure the safety and peace of mind of your employees. It is also very annoying for the employee when this happens. He or she might be questioned afterwards: ‘Were you even paying attention?’. This tool offers the opportunity to intervene.”


BigBrother Intelligence is the latest application that Jongeneel has discovered. This tool analyses sales data. Not as deep as say, with a loyalty card, but in general terms, for all your customers. This offers opportunities for cross-selling and targeted promotional campaigns. The system classifies customers into new, well-known, or loyal and shows which products are performing well in which customer category. You can then, for example, give your loyal fuel customers a discount in the car wash. Or you have insight into whether a new type of sandwich will be picked up by your loyal customers.

Personal range

The tool also provides insights at a customer level. Rik explains, “For example, I can see how long it’s been since someone used the carwash. We’re still looking at how we’ll convert this data into a personalised range though. But I’d imagine you’d get the customer’s attention or offer a coupon.”


So Jongeneel uses three PumpWatch applications:

grip and control over the cash register with the Shop Module;

protection of the business and employees with PumpCheck and AutoAlert;

and insight into the sales data of all your customers in order to be able to make them a personal offer with BigBrother Intelligence.

Rik explains, “The system gives us security, peace of mind, and an overview. And it’s nice to have all that in one system. We probably wouldn’t have brought it on board if it had been a bunch of separate systems.”

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