You hear the same thing everywhere: big data is the new gold! We can track the behaviour of people and machines closely because every company is collecting large amounts of data every day. To turn all this data into valuable information, even with the latest technology and algorithms, still requires a lot of brainpower. After all, you want to be able to distil real action points from a sea of data. How are you going to do that?

Technology makes for a better filling station

The processes at a filling station are ideal for data collection. For example, cars can be recognised by their number plates. But how do you turn the data you collect into insights that improve your business? Obviously, you want to get the insights from a single accessible point that allows you to directly turn them into actions. In recent years, BigBrother has specialised in collating various data sets and technologies to turn them into valuable information. Through decades of intensive cooperation with business managers, we have learned which actions are relevant to filling station operators when improving their business. Below is an example of how you can achieve that improvement based on data that every filling station operator has available.

Linking action points to data

Every filling station operator has a system that tells him how much time it takes to fill up at each pump. How cool would it be if, with a single click, you could discover how much more income you could generate on the basis of that data? Based on years of historical data, various sources and insights into customer behaviour and pump characteristics, we are able to indicate how much turnover can be gained, for example, by indicating that filters need to be replaced or by assisting customers with refuelling.

Getting started

Firstly, every entrepreneur must be clear about his business objectives. The next step is to explore which products and parties on the market can turn the available data into insights that lead to the desired business action. A filling station operator still wants to have complex data analyses taken off his hands, while fully experiencing the advantages of new innovations.

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